FMD and Brexit

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FMD and Brexit

Post by controller » Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:44 am

There is some uncertainty as to how the outcome of Brexit may affect FMD in the UK.
FMD is currently a UK law and will come into effect on Saturday 9th February 2019
The UK plans to implement Brexit on Friday 29th March 2019

For that time period UK FMD will definatley be in full force. After Brexit there are a number of possibilities:
(1)A deal will be in place where the UK is a full partner of the EU FMD but not a member of the EU. This would work as Norway is involved with the EU FMD but is not a EU member state.
(2)The UK maintains its role within the EU as part of the 2 year transition period. After that period is ended the UK's role in FMD may or may not continue.
(3)The UK no longer works with the EU FMD but uses the existing UK data systems to create a separate UK FMD. This would require UK FMD packs to be set to EXPORTED when they enter the EU and imported packs to be re-labelled. Under the current EU FMD system multi-market packs are allowed that do not need to be relabelled when they cross borders within the FMD countries. They may, however, still need re-packing (or re-labelling) for other reasons such as changing pack language; this is the business model of the parallel importer.
(4)The whole deal is off, UK FMD will cease with Brexit but continue witin the rest of Europe.

At present the best advice is to get ready for FMD, have equipment in place but not to commit to long term contracts that cannot be revoked if UK FMD falls through.

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