Registering with FMD

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Registering with FMD

Post by controller » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:37 pm

To use the FMD system you need a user name/password from SecurMed together with a digital certificate and another password (to use with the certificate). To get these details you need to apply to SecurMed with details of your software which of course you are not using because you have no user details. For our software use the following details:

Company - Serialogical
Software - Serialogical: FMD Solution
Software version - 3.1

If something is wrong with your application you should receive a reply relatively quickly. If your details are approved SecurMed will pass these to NMVS who run the portal and deal with issuing accounts. SecurMed send off these details in batches. They are quoting 10-15 days, the exact timing will depend on how close your application is to SecurMed preparing another batch of users.

When SecurMed do issue credentials those should work for any software solution. They are checking that an approved software is in use not checking to see who uses what software. Serialogical have 2 software versions approved, a basic but fully functional free version and another with adavnced reporting features.

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